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Ashley’s face is the face of the magazine in many ways, whereas she’s the friendly face that greets everyone who visit our office, and because she’s the one who is constantly out on the road meeting with our readers and advertisers. She’s got her finger on the pulse of the tri-corner area and welcomes your greetings and inquiries.

Man! I Feel Like A Shania Twain Fan!

We all know Mother loves music (almost) as much as she loves me. As the story goes, Mom’s music obsession started back in the 90’s (yikes Mom, that means you’re old)! Cassette tapes (what are those?!) turned into CD’s, digital downloads, and hours of singing her heart out to so many talented artists, but […]

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More Bugs

Happy Wednesday furriends. I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week. It wasn’t that long ago my whole family had the rona. Thank goodness were in good health fur the pawlidays. But now, my poor kid sister isn’t feeling so well. Mom has been working furrom home; doing her best to keep […]

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Whatta Day

Yesterday started off just like any normal day – Dad left for work, Mom brought Ellie to school but then she returned. I thought that was supurr sweet of Mom to take the day off to spend with me. She spent the morning pampurring me; petting me, scratching under my chinny-chin, gave me a […]

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Furrst week of 2023

Hey furriends! How are you? We haven’t spoken since last year. Paw slapper – that joke nevfurr gets old! It’s been a busy week here at the homestead.

With the pawlidays officially ovfurr and the helping paws of Dad, Ellie, and myself, Mom de-Christmas’d until Novempurr (25th to be exact). Spoiler alerted! She […]

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Adiós 2022

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news furriends, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open to get a glimpse of Santa Paws. I purromise one of these years I will make it happen!

Boy, Mom wasn’t kitten all year telling me I’m such a good man. Santa Paws exceeded my expectations. I got […]

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Pawliday Hustle And Bustle

Furrst, I want to start off by thanking each and evfurry one of you who DM’d (direct meow’d) Mom and commented last week on my recent diagnosis. Please know Mom and I feel comfurrted by your outpouring support. And I’ve been a really good man (so far) taking my medicine. But not to worry, […]

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The Diagnosis

Well furriends; as I’m purretty sure you can tell by the quite obvious disgusted look on my face furrom inside the carrier, I’m an unhappy camper. Or as Mom pointed out in her ridiculous cat-mom voice (at the vets’ office of all places!), “a grumpy pants.”

Fur the last ten months, Mom’s been obsessing […]

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What The Elf

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and as I sit here Underneath The Tree on this Silent Night I can’t help but dream of a White Christmas. Before long Little Saint Nick will be taking a Sleigh Ride to see all of the good little boys, girls, and furbabies. There’s just something about […]

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The Purrfect Ornament

Holy buttered biscuits, Batman!  I ate WAY too much on Thanksgiving and spent most of the day Furriday sleeping off my turkey coma…I guess that’s not much different than any other day? Anywho, on Caturday, in typical Mom fashion, she jumped right into the pawliday spirit – and I’m not disappointed! I must admit, […]

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Supurr Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Eve evfurry one! Thanksgiving more or less has the same meaning fur all, but fur me it isn’t just about the mouth-watering turkey purrectly plated on the floor in furront of me; it’s about all that I’m thankful fur today and evfurryday. Let’s jump in.

Furrst and foremost, I’m furrevfurr grateful fur […]

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