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The Update … The Covfurr

By Published On: February 28th, 2024

Purrdon me fur being a week late on my monthly post. February has not been nice to my family. If Ellie hasn’t been sick, then Mom has been. And if Mom hasn’t been sick, then Ellie has. Fevers, coughing, chills, pink eye, ear infections, the flu…what symptom or condition haven’t we had? But as I write this, I’m knocking my paws on wood because evfurryone seems to be on the mend! Purrhaps it’s furrom the antibiotics they’ve been purrscibed, but I’m purretty sure it’s been my snuggles that made them feel the best.

On a more exciting note, I have some supurr exciting news to share with you all! Thank you to my biggest fans, (you and Mom),  and years of campaigning to grace the covfurr of the March animal and farm themed issue, I got the call furrom Aunt Thorunn. That’s right furriends – your boy’s on the covfurr! Thank you to Olivia Valentine fur making the trek twice to my house and taking the time to photograph me. I would ten out of ten recommend her fur your photographing needs. Just be prepared fur her to crawl around on the floor trying to capture purrfect angle. Oh, and she also has this huge purrofessional looking light too. Yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I purrefer to work with natural lighting anyway. Regardless, she was supurr patient with me and captured so many wonderful shots!

I must say, I felt like a natural. It only took a half bag of brand new pawty-mix, a sprinkle of catnip, and my name being called one million times to look purrfectly at the camera. I’m considering coming out of semi retirement to model full time. But before I make that definitive decision, I’ll wait to hear your feeback on the cover.

Be sure to pick up a copy near you later this week as they hit stands!