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Dearest Gentle Reader

By Published On: June 19th, 2024

Dearest gentle reader. Oh my goodness, purrdon me! I’ve been binge watching too much Bridgerton with Mom recently…evfurry episode starts out that way. What I meant to say is, how’ve you all been? Let’s bring each other up to speed.

My flabbers are gasted, AKA I’m flabbergasted that June is already more than halfway ovfurr. We, of course, celebrated Father’s Day this past Sunday. I sure do have the best Dad evfurr. Life would not be the same without him telling me to shush while I’m meowing a full blown confurrsation to myself, or telling me to “get back, get back” when I get too close to an open door, or when he tells me I can’t share Ellie’s buttered bagel fur breakfast in the morning. Love you too, Dad!

This Furriday, my kid sister is graduating furrom kindergarten. If I had turkey money to spare, I would put money on Mom shedding some tears. Next whisker Wednesday is the last day of school. I can’t believe Ellie will be entering furrst grade in the fall. She’s already learned so much, not sure what else she possibly needs to know?

Purrhaps the biggest update I have to share with you is Mom and Dad’s big purrchase. We’re getting a pool! I fur one definitely won’t be using it – I can’t risk getting my handsome pants wet! Instead, I’ll be watching furrom the inside as Mom cringes at all the furriends she didn’t know she had come over to use the pool. I definitely get my anti-social gene furrom her!

Stay cool (and hydrated) furriends! I’ll check back in July.