My husband and I were on Martha’s Vineyard some months ago visiting friends and enjoying that very special island. One of the stops we like to make when we’re there is at the Granary Gallery where our good friend Dan Murray exhibits some of his incredible sculptures in the company of works by Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt and Wolf Kahn.

After a tour of the various rooms and the expected appreciative “oooohs” and “aaahs” as we saw some truly remarkable pieces, we were heading back outside when we saw, neatly piled on the counter, a stack of bumper stickers … not the usual banner style, but the oval format that so often just has initials.

These stickers, however, had a very brief, very direct message: “Buy Art.” No frills about why, or what happens if you don’t. Just “Buy Art.”

All right, we plead guilty to having more than a rooting interest in the purchase of art, but more than a personal endorsement, the gallery’s outreach seems so profound.
Whether we expected it or not, we seem to have all slipped into living in tumultuous times. There are plenty of things that swirl around that are simply not pretty … not beautiful … not enriching … not uplifting … not soothing.

It may not be a complete antidote to the times, but one thing that may make the day-to-day journey a bit easier is to add beauty to your life.
It’s only a suggestion … but you might consider this idea. Buy art.

8 Landmark Lane in the Kent Green Shopping Area, Kent, CT 06757