Tip 1: Volume comes from the roots of your hair. The root dictates the direction in which the hair flows. When you think of direction, don’t just think left and right; think up and down.

Tip 2: Shampoo and conditioner – volume shampoo won’t weigh down your hair, and some of you may be able to go without conditioner all together. Conditioner smooths down the cuticle while locking in shine and moisture. When you’re trying to achieve more body, having some texture to the cuticle is helpful. If you need it, use it sparingly on the ends of your hair.

Tip 3: Products – for damp hair use products such as gel and mousse. For dry or second day hair, dry shampoo and texturing spray work well. Always spray towards root. Using too much product can weigh the hair down.

Tip 4: Heat tools – there are a number of ways to use heat tools. However, the easiest thing to do is to flip your head upside down, then use your blow-dryer on a medium/high heat with low speed. This will set any product you have used, as well as shifting the root vertically, creating volume.

Tip 5: Tease and spray – tease the root with a teasing brush or comb. Hold the hair section at a 45” angle and gently push hair down from the end to the root, using hairspray to set the teased hair. Leave a section of smooth hair around your teasing to conceal everything. Hairspray again to lock in the style.

I hope these tips help you on your journey!

– Kelsie Wessel, stylist

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