Sometimes we neglect our gutters. It’s understandable, they are manufactured for the very purpose of blending in with our homes and being easily unnoticed, it’s part of their function. However, our gutters play a vital role in protecting the integrity of our homes by diverting rain and other types of water run-off. By directing the flow of water away from our homes, gutters help to protect our foundations, prevent structural erosion, and basement flooding. Summer-time presents the perfect opportunity to check our gutters for clogs and cracking in preparation for the upcoming leaf fall, as well as ice and snow. Homeowners should know that not all gutters are alike, seamless gutters present certain advantages that your average length of gutter simply can-not. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly for homeowners, seamless gutters provide a more pleasing aesthetic that holds its finished look longer than the average sectional gutters. Seamless gutters are manufactured for the express purpose of providing better protection for your home. Regular gutters have seams of course, and more joints holding sections together therefore they are more prone to leaks and wherever those seams exist the gutter is more likely to sag and hold water. Not only can the seams in sectional gutters leak, they also have a tendency to hold other things like the dreaded clog. When debris causes these clogs water is unable to flow and drain freely, causing potentially damaging backups. One of the most efficient aspects of seamless gutters, and one we offer at Superior Seamless Gutters, is the capacity for a custom fit. Using a specialized gutter ma-chine on location, we guarantee a perfect fit no matter how unique the gutter location may be.