Historic homes epitomize the charm of our Tri-state region. Substantial construction that has withheld the test of time and nostalgic quirk that invites a gathering place – often sited in idyllic locations when vacant land was easier to come by. The rural roots of our Litchfield Hills are decorated with antique homes that help to bring us back to times passed.

Buyers coming to the region in search of a historic home are often looking to add their understated twist to a home with many original accents. Untouched finishes and dated details within an antique home are most appealing. The vintage moldings, native woodwork and craftsmanship, and small appointments throughout offer a canvas to accentuate the history of the home while adding the novelties of modern-day living; i.e. updated bathrooms and kitchens, heating and cooling systems. The original appointments of an antique building are irreplaceable.

Every home has a story, falling in love with an older home is a blend of embracing the future of renovation while learning the roots of its past. There is excitement in unveiling layers of wallpaper or plaster to reveal historic wallboard or looking at the flooring from the ceiling of a stone basement to learn that there may be wide-board pine buried beneath layers of 2-inch oak. Antique homes are a forgiving collage of history – an intermingling of lifestyles, trends, needs, and preferences throughout the decades or centuries.

In an area that reveres its rural roots and talented communities of artists, historic homes are some of the grandest reflections of artistic expression.

Elyse Harney Real Estate, harneyre.com