By Samantha Green of BusyKid

Kids have plenty of time on their hands these days, what with schools closing down in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There may be talk that schools are going to reopen this fall, but until then, kids will be spending most of that time at home.

With no place to go and no one to play with because of social distancing protocols, kids are likely to get bored and restless while stuck in their homes. Parents, for their part, wouldn’t like it if their kids pass the time doing nothing but stare at their TV, computer, or mobile device day in and day out.

You need to keep your kids busy the whole time they’re at home, and here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Get Them To Help Around The House

Schools may be closed, but it shouldn’t stop kids from engaging in productive activities. Assigning them household tasks using a kids chore app is one way of keeping them occupied while at home.

While it’s true that performing chores around the house isn’t one’s usual idea of fun, most kids are actually open to the idea. Even two-year-olds can already contribute by doing simple tasks like picking up their toys and putting their laundry into the hamper.

More complex tasks like washing the dishes or mopping the floor, however, should be reserved for your older kids. If need be, give them an allowance for the chores they complete.

Some parents may balk at the idea of giving kids money for doing chores, but an allowance actually teaches them an early lesson about financial literacy and money management.

Encourage Artistic Pursuits

If your children have any interest in the arts, it would be great if you allot part of their time to honing any artistic talent they might have.

Provide them with all the tools they need for their artistic pursuits. That would be art supplies for future painters and illustrators, software for those with an eye for graphic design, and guitars and instruments for the musically-inclined.

Help Them Develop A Love For Reading

Most kids love to read, which is an excellent way to pass the time while in quarantine. Check their reading proficiency and provide them with matching reading materials.

You can also give audiobooks a try if your kid has reading problems or can’t read yet. That way, they will still learn to love the written word, regardless of their reading abilities.

Give Them Screen Time, But Regulate It

In this day and age, it’s next to impossible to keep kids from screens both big and small. In any case, the best you can do is regulate their screen time instead.

Aside from regulating the time they spend in front of screens, you can also make sure that they use much of their screen time watching educational shows that will help them continue their learning even when school’s out. Having them play educational games on their computer will also serve the same purpose.

Engage In Fun Physical Activities

Kids are naturally energetic, but all that physical energy needs to go somewhere. They need to engage in fun physical activities, and that’s where you come in.

Does your home have a sizable outdoor area? You can use that space to play catch, throw a frisbee, or engage in any sports activity that will get everybody’s blood pumping. If you’re crafty enough, you can put up an obstacle course in the backyard for your kids to complete.

Not the sporty type? Install a trampoline in the backyard, and your kids will have a marvelous time jumping up and down. Dancing is also excellent physical activity, and you and your kids don’t even have to be that good at it to enjoy it!

Get your kids to do any or all of the above, and they should be able to cope with the boredom that could come with being cooped up at home indefinitely.

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