Two interesting insurance issues came to me this past month that I thought worthy of sharing with you. The first relates to those folks renting their homes through an Air B&B service. We recently had a client that had informed my office of his rental intentions and we added the appropriate endorsements to his homeowner’s policy. He also rented through a major service that afforded coverage through their rental agreement for damage done to the home being rented. Fortunately coverage was in place when a rental turned into a “rave party” where over 1500 kids trashed his home! The fact that coverage was in place certainly made the situation much better, so call your agent and make sure that you have the necessary insurance in place if you are renting. The second situation involved a client who rents cars on an as-needed basis yet does not actually own a vehicle of their own. In a situation like this, one should still have automobile coverage under what’s called a “non-owned auto policy.” These are typically a few hundred dollars a year yet give coverage while operating a rented, borrowed or company vehicle. If this applies to you, contact your agent and obtain a policy for peace of mind!

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