This Really is a Love Song

“One of my first memories was being in my father’s studio – music playing – him working on a large canvas.” Bruce Smith has fond memories of his childhood, underscored by the experience of being the son of widely celebrated abstract painter Hassell Smith who, himself, was quoted as saying “I am concerned I’m bringing […]

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Living at the Edge

“My father was a blacksmith and a carpenter. I learned at his side.”

Chelsea Miller is looking at an elegant carving knife of her own creation, remembering how she moved from New York actor to celebrated creator of highly sought after knives all within the sphere of family influences and support. As she so succinctly sets […]

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Storytelling without Words

Amber Maida does not simply enter a room. Fully aware of her surroundings and sensitive to the energy found there, she moves like the dancer she was trained to be. As an artist, her work is fully reflective of her spiritual and physical journeys, the triumph she had over what could have been debilitating disease […]

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Art as Meditation

Richard Klein’s The Understory at ICEHOUSE Project Space, Sharon

Richard Klein is an artist of note who has cobbled together a life of creating, curating and writing about art and its influence. With a career that extends beyond 20 years as curator at The Aldrich Contemporary in Ridgefield, CT, he has embraced the awesome task of […]

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Please Pass The Tort$ - A Comic Novel Poking Fun at Lawyers and their Frivolous Cases.

Renowned New York trial and appellate lawyer Thomas Morrison, known as the Dean of False Advertising Law, spent five decades in the courtroom where he argued and won numerous high-profile trials for major consumer brands such as Pizza Hut, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Hertz.  Please Pass The Tort$ is the second installment in Morrison’s new […]

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Clayway … A Weekend of Delights

Ah, it’s October! ‘Tis the season of cider donuts, leaves displaying their autumn finery … and of ClayWay … the pottery studio tour that winds its way through western Litchfield County, CT and eastern Dutchess County, NY. Nine potters’ studios hosting 19 clay artists will welcome guests on Saturday and Sunday, October 16th and 17th […]

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Chasing the Dream

“I did what any potter would do. I picked up the vase to see what mark it had.” Jane Herold is laughing while she recounts the story of her fateful appearance in the dean’s office at Sarah Lawrence College when she was an undergraduate. “I didn’t realize there was water in the vase … which […]

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Here Comes the Sun

“I was fascinated by the sun as a child … the way light and shadows would move on the wall as sunlight filtered through the venetian blinds.” Robert Adzema has a long and tender relationship with the way the sunlight appears to move throughout the day, how those changes cast precise shadows and the artistic […]

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Alive With The Sound of Music

Sharon Ruchman is living proof.

There has long been the contention that nestled in the Litchfield Hills, the Berkshires and the Hudson Valley, there are literally armies of brilliant writers, artists, musicians … most of whom found their separate ways to this bucolic part of the country to find the calm and quiet that allows creativity […]

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If the world is your classroom, then moments of learning and education can blithely appear anywhere. For fabric artist Joy Setton, circumnavigation of the globe after her father sold his French company and took the family on a two-year cruise was the foundation for lifelong learning.

Back on land, Joy studied journalism and film at NYU […]

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