License to Play

Walking into the Re Institute in Millerton, NY, during exhibition hours you’re likely to find artist and founder/director, Henry Klimowicz mingling with visitors and enthusiastically explaining the current exhibition. The gallery, located in Klimowicz’s studio in a former dairy barn sits just north of the village of Millerton, and it exists in many ways as […]

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In Focus

“The Earth took me in, held me and taught me the wonder of my senses: to see beyond clouds to fantastic beings, to hear the weather in the wind, to smell the stories of trees, animals, streams, and to feel the soft mosses, waxy leaves, and sun-warmed stones below the skin – to feel them […]

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Open Studios in the Hudson Valley

Summer in the country brings endless opportunities for weekend entertainment across the towns and villages of our rural area. Whether you like music or art, farmer’s markets or yard sales, the Hudson Valley and Litchfield Hills offer something for everyone on nearly every summer weekend. We’ve had food festivals, book signings, and car shows already […]

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A Tournament of Lies in Wassaic

The Wassaic Project’s Summer Exhibition currently on view at Maxon Mills brings together a dynamic group of international artists in all media – painting, sculpture, mixed media, video, charcoal, collage, neon, textile, and more. What’s striking about the show is the range of disciplines on display and the innovative use of materials, from traditional oil […]

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The Big Country Sky

Last winter the Dell Eads Reading Room at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT, got some unexpected visitors. Renowned kinetic sculptor, Tim Prentice and his longtime artistic collaborator, Dave Colbert were looking up at the ceiling of the octagonal shaped room, considering the light. Prentice and Colbert were being shown a potential […]

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Surrounded by Imagination

There’s a certain inexplicability that comes with properly capturing a moment, scene or feeling. Perhaps that’s why the elusive action is so closely associated with the great artist. To funnel the world as it exists through the imagination, molded there into something that others connect with on a level even they cannot articulate.

That, perhaps, is […]

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Simply Extraordinary

Stephen Green-Armytage offers a most profound perspective on life, his career and the advice he would give to young would-be photographers. “You don’t always know what there is to learn until you learn it.”

That may be a spin on the traditional, “I don’t know what I don’t know…” but the hunger to learn, to experience […]

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Meet Patricia Powers, Artist

True confession: When I first saw Patricia Powers’s paintings – giant canvases celebrating the beauty and majesty of the horse – my heart skipped a beat. Not just because the work was so powerful and immediate; not just because I, too, have a passion for horses that goes way back; not just because I was […]

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Inner Vision

“To the artist, from Santa.” KK Kozik has fond memories of a childhood  punctuated by that Christmas morning when none other than venerable Saint Nick validated the sensitivity she had to form, color, and things beautiful. She had been recognized as an artist. The package contained supplies that have informed her remarkable career.

Born to parents […]

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A Writer Writes and Gives Back

“Thank you, Mrs. Smith.”

Sally Cook is quick to give credit to the second grade teacher at Crystal Springs Elementary School in Roanoke, VA, who offered the decisive bit of inspiration that set her on the career trajectory of being a widely published and eagerly applauded author.

“It was Mrs. Smith who not only encouraged me to […]

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