An Encounter with Chance

Marthe Keller and I had lengthy conversations in both her studios, firstly in her downtown artist loft in New York City and secondly in Falls Village, CT. Her studio loft building originally manufactured sail canvas for shipping; huge bolts ran the depth of the building. Later it provided a space for artists to purchase their […]

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The Many Planets of Lothar Osterberg

Stepping into the red barn where Lothar Osterberg and his wife, Elizabeth Brown, live feels otherworldly; one has the sense of a journey’s beginning. After migrating from Brooklyn, they rebuilt their home and studios into this hand-hewn building – a shared collaboration of space, life, and creativity. Elizabeth is an extraordinary musician, composer, and teacher, […]

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Transatlantic Cow-incidence?

A recent visit to the Dutchess County Historical Society has haunted me. In a good way. I was so impressed with the amount of information there about anything and everything Dutchess County, a reservoir of resources dating back over 100 years, that I haven’t stopped thinking about it. While I was there to write about […]

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Horizontal and vertical become
interchangeable allowing the
circle square to be continuous and

Once initiated, the life traveler
journeys in an everland of awareness
Of past, present and future
Traverse p 124 Laurence Carr

I first saw the book Traverse at an exhibition at Furnace Art on Paper Archive, Falls Village, CT. The project unravels an embedded trust […]

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A line, or mark, etched onto a copper plate allows for the reproduction of images by transferring the embedded ink onto handmade paper through a printing press. This skill takes years to hone, bringing to life these hatchings, acid bite marks, and thoughts rendered by another for collaboration.

Master printmaker Gregory Burnet is a native Australian […]

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Ted Perotti of Pig Iron Films has his feet firmly planted in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, both in his connection to the area as well as through his work with local organizations, businesses, and individuals. It is from that home base that he captures moments in time and creates beautiful films, commercials, and more […]

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Warren Prindle’s “Through the Artist’s Eye” Retrospective Opens at HVRHS

Painter and art educator Warren Prindle’s exhibit “Through the Artist’s Eye” opened on Friday, December 8th at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, CT.  

The exhibit is a retrospective of Prindle’s work that goes back “at least” 20 years and is being displayed at the Kearcher-Monsell Gallery. 

The retrospective […]

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Handcrafting at Its Finest: Ingrained ‘N Wood – Melissa Fournier

Growing up in Stockport, NY, as the second child of four girls, Melissa Fournier spent most of her time outdoors with her sisters riding bikes, swimming, and exploring the woods around their home. Her favorite memories are the summers she spent with her aunts, uncles, and cousins vacationing in an RV and traveling from […]

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Finding Symbiosis Between Opposing Forces

“Working between printmaking, ceramic, wood, and textile, Janis Stemmermann employs craft processes in the creation of environments that interrogate links between media – and the fundamental, primal forces that unite them.” –Julia Silverman

I first became familiar with artist, printmaker, and designer Janis Stemmermann’s work when I saw her exhibition, Cut to Length, at Furnace – […]

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