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Sharon Butler’s Buildingdrawing show at Furnace – Art on Paper Archive

Sharon Butler’s solo show, Buildingdrawing, at Furnace – Art on Paper Archive, located at 106 Main Street in Falls Village, CT, is a unique experience. Her double-sided drawings, a rare sight, welcome you as you enter. They hang at a 90-degree angle from the wall, offering an intimate view of both sides. This arrangement […]

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A Moment in Time

Linda Stillman grew up in the Hudson Valley in Orange County, NY. She and her husband discovered their home in Hillsdale in 1980. “It was a rundown, beautiful farmhouse, inexpensive because no one wanted a big, old farmhouse in that era as fuel was prohibitive. We were young and naive and didn’t know how hard […]

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In the Beginning Was Clay

My directions to Eve Kaplan’s Taghkanic studio were to turn at the pink mailbox. Originally red, it has now faded to a fabulous electric pink. Eve Kaplan hails from an artistic background. Her Norwegian mother was a ceramicist whose first husband was a painter. Her brother was also a painter. Her father, Richard Kaplan, […]

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An Encounter with Chance

Marthe Keller and I had lengthy conversations in both her studios, firstly in her downtown artist loft in New York City and secondly in Falls Village, CT. Her studio loft building originally manufactured sail canvas for shipping; huge bolts ran the depth of the building. Later it provided a space for artists to purchase their […]

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The Many Planets of Lothar Osterberg

Stepping into the red barn where Lothar Osterberg and his wife, Elizabeth Brown, live feels otherworldly; one has the sense of a journey’s beginning. After migrating from Brooklyn, they rebuilt their home and studios into this hand-hewn building – a shared collaboration of space, life, and creativity. Elizabeth is an extraordinary musician, composer, and teacher, […]

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Horizontal and vertical become
interchangeable allowing the
circle square to be continuous and

Once initiated, the life traveler
journeys in an everland of awareness
Of past, present and future
Traverse p 124 Laurence Carr

I first saw the book Traverse at an exhibition at Furnace Art on Paper Archive, Falls Village, CT. The project unravels an embedded trust […]

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A line, or mark, etched onto a copper plate allows for the reproduction of images by transferring the embedded ink onto handmade paper through a printing press. This skill takes years to hone, bringing to life these hatchings, acid bite marks, and thoughts rendered by another for collaboration.

Master printmaker Gregory Burnet is a native Australian […]

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