Brand New World

We have made it – we have gotten through 2020. This year was probably one of the most stressful and challenging for all of us, and perhaps especially for parents. No school, no daycare – then virtual school – and all of this while still working… from home in a lot of instances. Phewww, what […]

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Quarantine Mommy

I left the house for the second time since we self-quarantined – don’t worry, I didn’t see anyone or touch anything. (And to clarify, when I say that “I left the house,” I mean that I left our property – like went in the car and physically left the property and went out in the […]

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Mommying Among Madness

This is a crazy time to be alive, let alone being a parent and dealing with this pandemic. One of the things that comes with being a parent is worrying about your child’s well-being, and when the world has been overtaken with a pandemic, you worry even more.

But I’m not turning this into yet another […]

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Sharing is NOT caring.

We find ourselves with at least a good month left of winter. Once we get past St. Patty’s Day, winter is over – or at least it should just throw in the towel at that point in my opinion. And that goes for all of the winter bugs, too! By that third week in March […]

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The Battle with Balance

I saw a meme the other day with Mary Poppins and John Candy (playingUncle Buck) comparing how I thought I would be a mother versus what I really am as a mother. Along with a burst of laughter I couldn’t help but think how true this really was to me – and I’m sure to […]

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Mommy Needs a Time Out!

“Mom. Mommy. Ma. Mother. Ma. Mom. Mom.” “What?” “Hi!” We’ve all heard it, and we have all been there when those words – that we waited so long to hear – are just enough to push us over the edge. As a mother of three, I have learned what my patience limits are, and how much […]

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Enjoy Every Second

My fellow mom friends would always remind me to enjoy every second of my pregnancy, even at the end when you feel like a whale, you’re super uncomfortable, and it feels like you’re dropping everything; dreading having to bend over and pick it up. It truly is a feeling like no other (that I often […]

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Not all wipes are created equal

Baby wipes – a necessity when you have a baby. And as your child grows, you realize more and more uses for them – so much so that it becomes hard to live without them. That said, not all wipes are created equal.

When you’re a first-time parent you’re navigating brand new territory and you’re not […]

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Navigating Mom Guilt and Mom Judgment

Mom guilt. Mom judgment. They do exist – and they’re both horrible!

I had heard of mom guilt but I wouldn’t understand the full extent of it until I became a mom myself. And mom judgment – phew! Let me tell you; it’s dam harsh!! Wow.

Let’s start with the judgment and let’s just clear the air […]

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