Spending money on your kids can be criminally easy. Count me guilty! All the cute clothes that you can’t resist buying, toys that you think they will love (even if you’re instincts are wrong), stuffed animals for days, and of course all those snacks that they have to have because their favorite Disney character is on the box.

Of course we’d do anything for our kids. And, not to mention, these are all very nice gestures. But do they really need an extra outfit when they already have more clothes in their wardrobe than you do? That new toy will be exciting or a hot minute – but cardboard castles and fort blankets will always be more fun. And yes, there is such a thing as having too many stuffed animals. All those snacks get thrown out because, surprise! They don’t like them.

Think of all the money you’ve worked hard for and how much money you’ve thrown out over these silly things. Instead, why don’t you make it a goal to put an “x” amount of money away every year in your child’s savings account that will be there for them once they turn 18. Think of how many hundreds or thousands of dollars your child can then put towards their college tuition or a first car. You’ll feel good your money will be put to good use – or at least a smarter use – and your child will be at an age where they might appreciate this too.

So as a suggestion to help spend more wisely: resist the temptation to spend, and invest in your kids’ future.