Putting Winter on Ice

February is nearly over, and our hopes improve for spring and its warmer temps and longer days.

But it’s not over yet. B

Before we all kick winter completely to the curb (at least in our wine glasses), let’s celebrate with something so delicious it’ll rekindle your love of the cold.

I’m talking about ice wine.

It’s made from […]

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Love is in the Glass

Hallmark holiday or not, who can resist a move to more love?

Here’s the Wine of the Week sure to delight and stimulate:

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops for seduction. Those include, of course, wine and chocolate (and so much more, but that’s for your imaginations to come up with!).

The […]

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Summer Dreams

I’m staying with wine from warmer climates this week so that at least my palate can pretend it’s summer.

I love picking wine by the label, and that’s how I discovered this week’s all-around winner. It’s Lisbonita, with an irresistible drawing of a trolley car full of winos heading toward the sea in Portugal.

I want to […]

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It’s Cold, Let’s Head to Chile!

I know some people like winter, and kudos to them.

Maybe they’re reveling in the snow we got mid-week and the way the sun bounced off it under blue skies today (Thursday).

Forecast for the weekend? FREEZING.

No, less than freezing. Single digits.

I’m one who decidedly does not like the […]

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Yes, Zoom Juice

Every visit to a wine store is a good one, let’s be honest.

A recent one for me yielded a special delight – a wine called Zoom Juice! What a great name!

The packaging is perfect, too. The label is friendly and refined. The wine dubbed on the front as a Social Cab, described on the back […]

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Wine (alternative) of the Week

These first weeks of 2021 call for something stronger than wine, so I’m taking a detour this week.

It’s a chance to sing the praises of a wonderful place in Columbia County, too. This weekend I highly recommend making your way to Cooper’s Daughter Spirits at Olde York Farm for an artisan cocktail.

I’d go for The […]

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It’s a New Year

Well, it’s 2021. Cheers to that!

I hope you raised a tasty and toasty glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve – and New Year’s Day. Now we settle into this new year.

For me, it’s a time of reflection but also a time for steeling myself for the […]

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Christmas Weekend Wines

MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all!

However and wherever your meals are coming together for this very special time, you’ll want them to include special wines.

Harker House Wine & Spirits in Clinton Corners, NY, is a serious go-to for recommendations. Hal Newell has owned the store since July of 2016, and he has a very loyal following […]

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Christmas is Next Week!?

Christmas is next week!!! Must buy wine!!

For this week’s selections I called a local purveyor in Sharon, CT – Rick’s Wine & Spirits on Gay Street.

There’s a new owner there now – David – who had these mouth-watering suggestions. For bubbly (because it’s always appropriate), he said he recommends the 2015 Gusbourne Brut Reserve.

Get this […]

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December is for Wine

December is such a perfect wine-drinking month.

Every day feels like a celebration of sorts, so why not?

Even though we aren’t gathering in ways of days gone by, we can still make toasts over zoom…or to our newfound friends on streaming shows. A trip to the wine store is practically a vacation these days, too, as […]

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