Fall is in the Air

Fall festivals are everywhere, and that means apples!

If you’re looking to pair a wine with an apple pie or crisp, consider something that will complement the sweetness and the slight tartness of the dessert. A semi-dry Riesling is a great choice.

The Finger Lakes are famous for making great wines from that grape, so go local […]

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Wine for Mild Weather

Ah, mid-September mild days. They are so wonderful and so fleeting.

What to pair with this special time of year?

Splashes of summer – Sauvignon Blanc and Sangria.

For the former, go with something simple and satisfying and maybe even a bit silly. Monkey Bay from the Marlboro region in New Zealand is perfect. It’s as crisp and […]

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Fall is Here

I’m caught up in the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the onset of fall, and I need a BIG red wine.

Something deep. Something dark. Something soothing. Something velvety.

There’s nothing more appropriate than The Prisoner Cabernet Sauvignon from California’s Napa Valley.

From the moment it hits the glass you’re in deep, with […]

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Sunny Days

Summer is still here, and there is nothing like a crisp, cold, white wine at the end of a sunny day to keep the warm-weather vibes alive.

I had a wine last night that hit every positive note when I paired it with steamers and soft-shelled crabs bought from a fish vendor at the farmer’s market. […]

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National Pinot Noir Day

In case you missed National Pinot Noir Day on August 18, the weekend is a great time to get caught up.

Pinot is a cool-climate red wine grape that produces medium-bodied, vibrant wines with bright fruit notes on the finish. They pair well with almost everything as they’re light enough to be enjoyed with fish but […]

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Summer in a Bottle

Yes, there is a Summer in the Bottle, and you better enjoy it while you can – and when you can – as, sadly, summer is starting to kiss us all goodbye.

Everything about this wine is bright and beautiful, so stock up.

It’s New York State’s Wolffer Estate […]

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Seriously Delicious

After experiencing the longest day of the year, and basking in a full moon, it’s worth noting that there are so many wines with which to celebrate summer.

At the top of my list this weekend is a fantastic Vinho Verde called Santola.

Made in Portugal – the home […]

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May the Spark(ler)s Fly!

It’s the 4th of July already. Summer is in full swing.

With pandemic restrictions lifted, it’s party time!

Enjoy getting together with family and friends again (minding safety protocols around or with un-vaccinated people). There’s no one wine that works for a holiday weekend, so I’m going with something different but fun: canned wine.[…]

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Wine Sharing

Wines are interesting in so many ways.

One of them is in being shared. One of the nicest ways to share wine is to go to a local winery with friends.

That’s exactly what we did last weekend, and I highly recommend it for any weekend.

We went to Sabba […]

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It’s Pinot Again!

When the temps go up and down and your plans get turned around, there’s one thing you can count on for this time of year – a light-bodied, just fruity enough dry red that can be served at room temp or chilled.
That’s a Pinot Noir.
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