Do You Botox?

One of the questions I am most often asked is, “what do you do to your skin?” Which leads to discussion about aging and Botox and fillers and things like that. I have always been an open book. I think it is vital in my business to be open and honest with everyone. A […]

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A Wake Up For Winter Skin

I always love to share what I have learned during all my years in the beauty business. One of my favorites is one we so desperately need during winter. The cold air, extra clothes, plus constantly being in heated rooms leaves my usually dry skin miserably dry in winter. Ashy, itchy effects that body […]

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It Can Look As Good When You Do It!

Loren Whiteley of the Hair Lounge with 5 steps to Style Your Hair like a Pro. We all want to look our best everyday, whether it be for the health of our self-esteem, the confidence to walk away from our reflection in the bathroom mirror in the morning without a second our third visit, or […]

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The Importance of Spa Facials 

Facials are more than luxury. For many of us, going to a spa for a facial is seen as a special trip we make in order to “treat” ourselves. Spa facials are often viewed as expenses that we should only reserve for every now and again, however the long-term health benefits of spa facials may very […]

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