Facials are more than luxury. For many of us, going to a spa for a facial is seen as a special trip we make in order to “treat” ourselves. Spa facials are often viewed as expenses that we should only reserve for every now and again, however the long-term health benefits of spa facials may very well outweigh the expense of treating our skin with the utmost care and attention. At Samantha’s Serenity Spa, located in Hudson NY, besides providing a relaxing experience, you will get a customized skin analysis and shown proper products for your specific skin care regimen. Our busy everyday lives can have a major impact on our face, environmental factors like air temperature, dirt, and our bodies’ natural aging processes can lead to a wealth of dead skin cells accumulating on the face. It is important to understand how applying your skincare products regularly can help keep your skin healthy and feed your skin the essential nutrients it needs. In this way, a visit to the spa not only feels great, but the advice and information provided can help sustain regular healthy skin. Much like the other parts of our bodies that need regular check-ups, our skin needs to be regularly analyzed and treated, that’s why spa facials are recommended every 4-6weeks with proper at home care. Facials improve the skin’s tone, texture and elasticity. They promote skin cell renewal and fight against environmental factors that may cause premature aging.

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Samantha Barrett: Owner of Samantha’s Serenity Spa