One of the questions I am most often asked is, “what do you do to your skin?” Which leads to discussion about aging and Botox and fillers and things like that. I have always been an open book. I think it is vital in my business to be open and honest with everyone. A lot of us compare ourselves to others, to people we see in magazines and on television and the truth is, most of those people have done a lot to alter and improve their appearance. In addition to that, if it’s television, they are under beauty lights and if it’s magazines they are under beauty lights and retouched. We all want to look our best. If we look good, we feel good and feeling good is a good feeling! So, yes. I take very good care of my skin and always have.

I don’t use harsh chemicals on my face. I moisturize day and night. I also get laser treatments (called Clear + Brilliant) once a year. This treatment sends strong pulses of light to penetrate the skin causing it to exfoliate and leave a smoother, clearer complexion. I am a big cheerleader for this technology. There is little to no downtime, you might be red for one or two days but it is barely noticeable. The results are incredible. Skin is plumper, firmer, pores are smaller. I also get Botox or Jeauveau every six months. This is a neurotoxin that is injected into the muscles of the face to soften and sometimes erase lines and furrows. I find it easy and I love the result. Last spring, I had my doctor give me what is known as filler. This is also an injectable that is mostly hyaluronic acid which gives the appearance of fullness in the area where it is used. I had my cheekbones and lines near my mouth filled. This was harder and was more uncomfortable and I also ended up with a bruise, which is fairly common. I was swollen for several days after. Most everyone said I looked amazing but it was a little too much for me until it settled. Once it did, I was so happy. I still have some of the effects and it is almost a year later.

So, do I Botox?

Yes, I do.

Should you?

Well, I think if you are feeling like you want to try it, you should explore. Do your research and go to the best of the best (I go to Dr. Jeffrey LaFrance) Choose someone who has high accreditation, an aesthetic you like, and a professional, clean office. I do not recommend Groupon, sales, or big deals. You want to make sure what is being used is new and properly administered. You only have one face – take care of it! I don’t think there is any shame in improving our appearance.

Pilar DeMann is the owner of Pilar BLLaC beauty studio in Washington Depot, CT and has been dubbed the Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield County. The studio is open Wednesday-Saturday with varying hours. Appointments are encouraged but walk ins are welcome. Stop by 2 Green Hill, Unit 4 Washington Depot, CT 06794, call 860.619.0488 or visit Pilar on Facebook and Instagram @pilarbllac