Loren Whiteley of the Hair Lounge with 5 steps to Style Your Hair like a Pro. We all want to look our best everyday, whether it be for the health of our self-esteem, the confidence to walk away from our reflection in the bathroom mirror in the morning without a second our third visit, or simply to stay truthful to our own unique style, looking good to yourself can mean feeling good for the rest of the day. Whenever I try and explain to my clients after a salon visit the steps involved in maintaining their desired look at home the response is nearly universal, “oh it will never look this good when I do it” As someone who has spent countless hours solving the mysteries of every kind of hairstyle, including my own, I know what can be achieved at the salon can also be maintained at home. Here are five easy steps to incorporate into your daily styling routine to keep you looking, and feeling your absolute best.

  1. It Starts in the Shower. After applying shampoo and conditioner, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner that has heat protection as well. After conditioning layer on any other products like mousse for volume for fine hair that needs a boost or smoothing cream for frizzy. unruly hair.
  2. Blow-Dry, until almost dry. Blow dry your hair without a brush so that its about 90% dry. Be sure not to blow-dry your hair while it’s still dripping wet, firing up the blow-dryer and concentrating its heat on soaking hair can cause damage, not to mention excessive frizz.
  3. Section it Off. Use clips and make 2-3 sections, then take a round brush and begin on the bottom section working your way up.
  4. Skip a Day Now and Then. There’s no need to wash your hair everyday, washing every other or every third will help color last longer as well.
  5. Find Relief in Dry Shampoo. On non washing days it can be easy to fix any bed head concerns by applying a little dry shampoo if you feel your hair seems too greasy for comfort.Then use flat iron or curling iron to restyle.

Remember, you know your hair best, in that sense you are a professional! Of course, trips to the salon will help get your hair back to a standard desired for maintenance, but when it comes to beauty and comfort, you’re as beautiful as you see yourself, and you can accomplish that confidence in your own home!