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THE Journey to a Healthier Me – The Journey to a Better Me – the Journey to Prolonging my Life.

Stress and Anxiety: How can One Manage?

Everyone is talking about mental health in some fashion right now. Covid has really made us take a hard look at every single aspect of our lives, cultures and well-being. And as a result, a spotlight has been shone on mental health and on the impact this life-altering event has had one everyone.

How are you feeling […]

The Health Benefits of Peppermint and Green Tea

I recently gave up my daily latte for peppermint tea. … OK, in all fairness it has only been two days. But I found myself craving peppermint tea yesterday. Why? I have no idea. My body simply told me, “Hey, you want peppermint tea today.” And that was that.

When it comes to my tea, I’m very particular and biased. I […]

Changing my Perspective on Diet

It’s been awhile since I initially shared with all of you that I signed up for Noom and was giving that a whirl. Well, I’ve since finished my three-month sign-up, and it was quite interesting. Though I may not have seen weight loss in terms of lbs, I took away something more important. Noom’s whole philosophy and approach to food […]

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