July 2022 Recipe – Strawberry Shortcake

We are both celebrating our birthdays this month, hence the Happy Birthday banner. We are sharing with you one of our all-time favorite desserts, strawberry shortcake! Strawberry shortcake screams summer. Strawberries are ready to pick and are just so sweet and juicy. If picked fresh, they taste like strawberries should! Pair them with this wonderful […]

April 2022 Recipe – Sugar Cookie Cups

Soft, sugar cookie base, creamy vanilla custard middle, and chocolate ganache topping! Who could resist these little bite sized delightful treats? These cookies seem like they require a lot of steps, but they really don’t. The cookies themselves come together in just minutes with minimal ingredients. The custard just takes patience, and the ganache is […]

March 2022 Recipe – Deep dish chocolate peanut butter cookies

Deep dish chocolate peanut butter cookies – for two!

We know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but here we are with a dessert for two! How many nights are you snuggled into the couch, having finished dinner and dishes but you’re left wishing you had something sweet?  You don’t feel like making an entire batch […]

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