Come into the Forest

What better way to connect with nature this summer than to go on a walk in the woods. But forests matter much more than we may realize. From the air we breathe, to clean drinking water, to the diversity of life, we depend on forests for our well-being. More than ever, we need forested lands to help combat climate change.

Why should we care? What are the threats? What can we do to make a difference? These questions are the focus of a new exhibit, “Come into the Forest,” created by Elaine and Lou Hecht with the Salisbury Association Land Trust.

The exhibit will open on Saturday, June 11, and the public is invited to the Opening Reception from 4–5:30 at the Academy Building, 24 Main Street, Salisbury. It will remain on view until August 7. Summer hours are Monday-Friday 10-1, Saturday 10-4, and Sunday 12-3. For more information call 860-435-0566 or go to


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