Ledgewood Kennel in Millerton, NY, is owned and operated by Chip Barrett and his wife Kirby. Barrett is a fourth-generation farmer in Dutchess County, and the couple has grown up on farms and taken care of animals all throughout their lives. This passion inspired the two to create an ideal place in the Hudson Valley for pet care and services. In founding Ledgewood, the couple responded to “a need in the area for a good, well-run pet facility,” according to Barrett. Their first kennel was opened on their lower farm over thirty years ago. The current Ledgewood space was built over twenty years ago.

The couple’s facility is well-maintained and equipped with in-floor radiant heat and central air, allowing for pets to stay clean and comfortable on the premises. The location of the kennel, too, makes the location more secluded, being on a secondary road. On top of this, Barrett emphasizes the kennel’s unique, comprehensive offerings that make Ledgewood stand out among other venues. The skillful staff has worked at the space for over fifteen years, providing a full-service experience: “boarding, grooming, daycare, training, a pool for dogs and walks on our fifty-acre farm.” Additionally, Barrett is thankful for the commercial special use permit the business was able to obtain, as this allows for smoother operations and sets Ledgewood apart from other locations. All in all, this kennel offers pets a variety of special, enriching opportunities.

This is significant, especially as the pandemic and subsequent factors have made an impact on the lives of people—and their dogs. Barrett and his wife have noticed more high-strung behavior in dogs recently, which is likely a byproduct of these animals “sitting home with their owners for over a year,” according to Barrett. In order to reduce these effects, the facility suggests taking dogs for walks and bringing them to daycare for a change of pace; Ledgewood offers this balance for pets, recognizing unique diets, special medications, and individual care. Barrett is confident they can accommodate a wide range of needs.

He has also seen a rise in the amount of families relocating to the Hudson Valley in the face of the pandemic. This has meant more people bringing their pets to the region, or getting pets once they have settled here. As families have been forced to stay home in the past, many households have decided to take in a new furry friend—certainly an understandable move. Specifically, Barrett has observed “over 30% more people obtaining pets just in the past year.” With this in mind, he notes, “Pet facilities like ours are set to grow exponentially.” Now, Barrett states, “The pet industry is a multi-billion-dollar business.” 

Furthermore, Barrett’s outlook on pet ownership in the community is positive; since opening his facility, he happily recognizes the increasing importance of the pet’s role in the family dynamic. Looking towards this hopeful future, Ledgewood is currently searching for a veterinary doctor willing to join their team. Through this addition, Barrett is certain that they will be able to do even more amazing work, and continue to meet the pet care needs of the Hudson Valley.

 If you interested in joining the team at Ledgewood Kennel, or are looking to board your pet, contact Ledgewood at (518) 789-6353 or visit the online here.