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Millerton’s Summer Stroll

By Published On: July 3rd, 2023

Coming up on Saturday July 8th from 2pm-5pm, the village of Millerton, NY, will truly come to life—and you won’t want to miss it. The Millerton Business Alliance (MBA) will be sponsoring an exciting event this year highlighting a plethora of local businesses and providing tons of great entertainment: Millerton’s Summer Stroll!

Dana at the MBA describes the festivities, which will be featured all along Main Street and on the green opposite the Millerton Moviehouse. In addition to wine tastings, art demonstrations, and sales offered by businesses in town, a selection of delicious snacks and beverages will also be available free of charge. So, be on the lookout for participating businesses, most of which will be providing their offerings on the sidewalk, or showcasing the event poster on their store’s window.

The fun doesn’t stop there. A brass band will be walking up and down the streets of Millerton to really set the musical tone for the event. Plus, with face painting at the Irondale Schoolhouse and readings and activities on the green by the NorthEast-Millerton Library, the Summer Stroll is a perfect event for the whole family!

Dana notes that inspiration for the event arose following the effects of COVID: “Not all the events the MBA used to sponsor were happening anymore on a regular basis and businesses were just itching to bring some of the events back because they were really fun and successful.”

So, with the election of new board members to the MBA and an increase in the organization’s membership, the group has implemented some fresh and exciting ideas, while also revisiting existing occasions. Of the key events the MBA wanted to focus on annually, they began with the Festival of Lights last November, which, with the guidance of previous board members, was a great achievement.

Pivoting to the summer with the Stroll, they recognized an opportunity to make an all-day Millerton event, as a free concert at the Eddie Collins Memorial Park will be happening from 5pm-8pm the same day. So, right after you enjoy the Summer Stroll with all of the businesses, refreshments, and activities it has to offer—all over Main Street from 2pm-5pm—you can head over to the park to appreciate free live music and a variety of tasty food trucks (see the poster below for more details). Saturday July 8th is a day you’ll want to keep free on your calendar: these festivities will truly be keeping in the spirit of the MBA’s #MakeItMillerton initiative!

The MBA hopes for the event’s success this year, which will mean it can be built upon in the future. Dana explains, “We are hoping the Summer Stroll is just that…strolling down the sidewalks, listening to music, meandering into shops and just enjoying our wonderful little village.”