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Photographer Appreciation Month: Brian Wilcox

By Published On: October 10th, 2023

In honor of Photographer Appreciation Month in October, we’re highlighting some of our local photographers. For this installment, we’re featuring Brian Wilcox. Read on to learn about his photography!

Your name and type of camera you use/prefer?

Brian Wilcox and the camera brand I use and prefer is DSLR Canon R3 & DJI Mavic 3 Drone

What type of photography do you most often do or prefer (subject matter)?

My type of photography is a diverse range of subjects and settings. One of my primary focuses is equestrian events and private school events. Moreover, I am keenly interested in Drone Real Estate photography. I utilize aerial perspectives to showcase properties in their best light, highlighting their unique features and aesthetics to help potential buyers envision their dream homes.

How did you get into photography?

My photography journey began as a hobby during my time in high school. Over the years, my skills for capturing moments and creating visual stories grew immensely. In 1995, my wife, Laurie, and I decided to turn our shared enthusiasm for photography into a thriving business. As time progressed, I delved deeper into the ever-evolving world of digital photography and discovered drone technology’s incredible possibilities.

What’s your most favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why?

While I’ve captured countless memorable moments, it’s challenging to single out just one favorite. However, if I reflect on the essence of photography, my favorite photo is the one I will take tomorrow. You see, photography is a never-ending journey of discovery and creativity.

What inspires you and your photography?

What truly inspires me and my photography is the unending pursuit of excellence. I am motivated by the challenge of creating not just good but the absolute best photo I can for my satisfaction and the delight of my clients.

What is your background – did you study photography or are you self-taught?

My photography background is a blend of self-taught exploration, formal education from industry experts, and active participation in professional photography associations and photography clubs, allowing me to access many resources, workshops, and networking opportunities. Through these affiliations, I’ve gained exposure to cutting-edge techniques, emerging trends, and a supportive community of fellow photographers.

Do you use Photoshop or other software or are your photos more natural?

While I strive for a natural and authentic look in my photos, I utilize Photoshop as a valuable tool in my post-processing workflow. I use Photoshop to enhance and refine my images, often focusing on creating a more realistic and polished appearance. This involves tasks such as adjusting lighting, color balance, and minor retouching similar to what used to be done in the darkroom with film to ensure that the final result represents the scene as accurately as possible while retaining the original composition’s essence.

How has technology impacted your artistry and photos?

With the advancements in digital cameras, software, and post-processing tools, I’ve been able to explore and experiment with new creative possibilities that were previously inaccessible.

Where do you photograph – your most common locations – do you have a favorite place to photograph either as a subject matter or as a background?

While the northwest corner of Connecticut is my most common photography location, my favorite place to photograph varies with the season, weather, and mood. Whether it’s a secluded forest trail, a quiet lakeside spot, or an isolated barn in a field, this region provides a wealth of natural beauty that continuously inspires me.

How do you market yourself – do you have a website or social media that you use to promote your photography?

I primarily rely on word-of-mouth referrals as a critical element of my marketing strategy. Satisfied clients often recommend my photography services to their friends and acquaintances, which has been a valuable source of new opportunities and connections. This approach highlights the trust and satisfaction my work generates among those who have experienced it firsthand.

In addition to referrals, I also maintain a private Facebook Gallery dedicated to showcasing my photography. This gallery serves as a platform for me to share my artistic vision with a broader audience. I post a new image daily, allowing me to engage with my followers and share my latest work consistently.

This online presence helps me connect with existing clients and attracts potential clients who discover my photography through social media.

How do people find you and your photos – do you sell your photos or are you more “to hire” / commission-based?

I have a dual approach. I sell my event photos online, making prints and digital copies available. Additionally, I offer commission-based photography services for clients with specific needs, whether for aerial images, events, or creative projects.

Have you (your photos) won any awards?

My most significant achievements are the happy clients I’ve worked with.

You can reach me at my website, www.connecticuphoto.com, or follow me at the links below.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/connecticutphoto

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bwphotogallery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/connecticutphoto