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Photographer Appreciation Month: Gígja Einarsdóttir

By Published On: October 19th, 2023


Our next installment of Photographer Appreciation Month features Gígja Einarsdóttir. Read on to learn more about her photography! 

Your name and type of camera you use / prefer?

My name is Gígja Einarsdóttir. I primarily use a Canon 1DX Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, and I’m considering the purchase of a Canon R5 or Canon R3. I also make use of a DJI Air 2S and Mavic 3 Pro for aerial photography. It can be quite amusing to watch me operate a drone, as my piloting skills are still in the early stages, but I’m steadily improving… 🙂

What type of photography do you most often do or prefer (subject matter)?

Horses and everything connected to them, I predominantly focus on equine photography, capturing the beauty and essence of horses in various settings, from pasture scenes to action shots.

How did you get into photography?

My interest in photography sparked at a young age. Growing up on a farm in Iceland, surrounded by horses, I just loved their pure beautiful energy and was drawn to capture their grace and power through the lens when I grew older.

What’s your most favorite photo you’ve ever taken and why?

I have several photos that hold a special place in my heart, but one stands out. It’s an image of two horses running through the fog on a black sand beach in northern Iceland. The day was shrouded in mist, creating a moody atmosphere. I had just a brief moment to photograph the horses as they made their way back to their farm. As they galloped past me, I managed to capture a shot that I really liked.

What inspires you and your photography?

My inspiration is mostly built on the innate connection with horses, and that fuels my passion for equine photography. It’s not just about capturing their physical beauty, but also about showcasing the depth of their emotions and interactions. Witnessing their unspoken language and the way they navigate their world is a powerful source of creativity and motivation in my photography journey. I think It’s a privilege to convey all this through my lens, allowing others to feel the same sense of wonder that I experience.

What is your background – did you study photography or are you self-taught?

I studied photography at the Technical School in Iceland in 2012, but I am also self educated, for example in editing my pictures, YouTube has been my biggest teacher over the years. My passion for horses and photography led me to develop my skills over the years.  I also studied at Holar University (Equine Studies) and that knowledge has also helped me understand the horse better.


What is your process?

My process typically involves scouting locations and observing horses. I try to capture moments that reflect their natural behavior. In post-processing, I refine the photos while maintaining their authenticity. Sometimes I’m very spontaneous, like everybody knows the Icelandic horse is a big part of Icelandic landscape. If I see a beautiful herd or horse in the field I want to photograph, I ask the farmer if I’m allowed to do so. I never use drones on herds without permission from the owner.

Do you use Photoshop or other software or are your photos more natural?

I use software like Photoshop to refine my photos. While I aim to keep the essence of the horse and the scene natural, post-processing allows me to bring out the best in each image

How has technology impacted your artistry and photos?

Technology has had a significant impact on my photography. Digital cameras provide greater flexibility, and the use of drones for unique aerial perspectives has been a game-changer. Additionally, the continuous improvement of smartphone cameras has expanded my options. Editing software is crucial for fine-tuning images, allowing me to convey the desired emotions and atmosphere.

Where do you photograph – your most common locations – do you have a favorite place to photograph either as a subject matter or as a background?

I frequently photograph on our farm in western Iceland, where I know the horses and the landscapes. However, Iceland itself offers many amazing locations to choose from, like the Highlands and the Landmannalaugar area, as they provide stunning backdrops for my photography. I often get to join multi-day horseback riding tours to capture images for horse tour companies like Íshestar and also for my own portfolio where I take photographs from horseback. Carrying my camera while riding opens up unique opportunities to capture scenes in locations accessible only to horses and hikers, making it possible to explore less-visited and rare places.

How do you market yourself – do you have a website or social media that you use to promote your photography?

I mostly market my work through social media profiles @gigjaeinars on Instagram and the website gigjaeinars.com (under construction). I have also used Facebook ads and my Facebook page Gigja Einars Photography.

How do people find you and your photos – do you sell your photos or are you more “to hire” / commission-based?

People can find my work on my website and social media. I offer both prints for sale and commission-based photography services for those seeking equine photography experiences.  If there are any questions people are always welcome to email me  gigjaeinars@gmail.com

Have you (your photos) won any awards?

The last and only competition (since I was a kid) I participated in was 2015 where I won a magazine photo of the year in Iceland, and that’s about it:) 

Gígja’s Links:
Instagram: @gigjaeinars
Website: gigjaeinars.com
Facebook: Gigja Einars Photography