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Pride Business Spotlight: Alex Athanasiadis of Demeter Home

By Published On: June 21st, 2023

When Alex Athanasiadis first had the idea of opening Demeter Home, he knew he had to find just the right location for his shop. After spending weekend after weekend making trips to various Hudson Valley towns, villages, and hamlets, he found himself in Pine Plains and knew that this was the location he had been searching for.

Alex says that he was apprehensive when first opening his shop. “We were moving somewhere that we had never lived before and doing something that we’ve never done, and just kind of hoping for the best,” he says. “But we’re so excited to be a part of a small community that’s been very welcoming.”

Alex, who runs the shop with the help of his husband, Robert Burden, refers to them as “risk-takers” who are always looking for a new challenge.

Alex’s philosophy is to never just live somewhere, but to make that space a home. Sharing this philosophy through Demeter Home has allowed him to hand-pick products that represent a welcoming, livable representation of individual personality. Additionally, Alex is passionate about giving back on both a small and large scale. He chooses products from brands that have a strong mission and culture, so that every purchase provides an opportunity to give back.

When Alex isn’t working, he enjoys drinking martinis at the bar at Lia’s Mountain View and renovating the house that they just purchased in the heart of Pine Plains.

“I’m also always looking for new products and new ideas that will work in the store,” Alex says. He also works with a variety of local artists including Sarah Blodgett, Tim Jones, Michael Moran, and Karen Trunko.

“I’m really excited to become part of the community and to give back,” Alex says. He is currently a board member of the Little Nine Partners Historical Society, a participant in the bicentennial planning, and frequently works with Willow Roots, a Pine Plains-based organization that is dedicated to eliminating hunger and providing outreach programs, support, and other resources for Pine Plains.

One of the things Alex loves most about the tight-knit community is how welcoming and kind everyone is, and this belief was only further cemented following the Pride Celebration that took place in Pine Plains from June 3rd-4th.

“It’s so important to show the world how much a small town still accepts everyone and is such a welcoming community,” he says. “Everyone thinks that we live in a divisive time, but when you look at small communities, they’re typically supportive of one another.”

Alex also shares how amazing it was to see how many people attended the pride celebration at the beginning of the month.

“This is just another time for Pine Plains to get together and celebrate one another.”

Demeter Home
2980 – 2984 E Church St. Pine Plains, NY 12567
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