While traveling to see this home you will find the unexpected. It’s in a quiet location; down a nondescript lane. Did I say private? Yes! The home is built on a hillside overlooking dynamic views, it includes a magical vanishing edge pool that was built to be incorporated with nature. Simply designed gardens bring less maintenance that might just fit your checklist. The home construction process must have been amazing, something that stands out among only a few properties, the top of the top, like everything else in this home. Nothing was spared in the creation. We, in real estate always like to find the next style in. The owner’s architect knew what the next style was; A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian: Japandi. Wood, light and color are the main design influence. It’s all there: you just need to add the color. It will then become zen and serene, simplistic and natural. I have to mention the wrought iron stairway that is the center of the home. It’s simply gorgeous and it incorporates a peaceful layout that will leave you speechless. This home has the square footage you need for a place to escape to.

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Sindy Butkus