Bill Eggers currently works and lives in the Hudson Valley and has seen the spike in property sales. With this increase I hopes to provide valuable insight to homeowners on the benefits of getting their property surveyed.

His expertise stems from his experience as a licensed professional surveyor with over 40 years of experience. Bill currently works at Medenbach & Eggers Civil Engineering & Land Surveying, PC and serves as the Education Committee Chairman for the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

Owning a home represents a huge investment that requires safeguarding. For many new purchasers, this protection includes an appraisal, home inspection and title insurance to ensure that all is in tip-top shape – however, did you know most people are unaware of one major examination of the property? A property survey by a licensed land surveyor! Hiring a surveyor provides purchasers and owners with peace of mind relating to the property. The information a survey shows is essential to ownership.  Is it worth it? Absolutely!

5 Benefits of Getting Your Property Surveyed

  1. Satisfy “Due Diligence”

Having an updated survey reflects your understanding of issues which might affect your enjoyment of the property.  A survey provides you with a level of comfort that you’ve obtained valuable information helping safeguard your investment.

  1. Confirm Boundaries

All too often, a survey shows that you and your friendly neighbors are closer than you think. Fences and gardens may look as if they belong to one property when they actually belong to the another. The survey provides a clear picture of improvements and their relationship to property lines.

  1. Ease the Process of Home Improvements

Thinking about building a fence, pool or new addition to your home? A survey can inform you of the location of existing improvements and distances to property lines that may limit what and where you can build – before you get started.  Your town or building department often requires one.

  1. Identify Your Utilities

Utility poles and above-ground wires are obvious, but a survey can report evidence of the location of utilities below the surface. Manholes, well caps, and electric outlets are evidence of possible improvements that cannot be seen but which can greatly affect how you enjoy your property and your safety

  1. Plan with Confidence

Looking to divide or sell a portion of your land? Having a survey, in consultation with a surveyor, can help you navigate local laws which affect your plans. The survey is the initial document needed for any division of property and the surveyor may also represent you during the approval process.

You can find a land surveyor in your area using the “find a surveyor” tool at the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors website