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A Building Not Set in Stone

By Published On: April 29th, 2022

The past few years have proved to be a time like no other for everyone around the globe – and businesses were effected in every which way, too. There were many businesses that struggled due to Covid, while others flourished. This can be said on a global scale and certainly at a local scale, as we all saw and felt in our area. But with those challenges, there were also many opportunities that presented themselves. One young local entrepreneur recognized one such opportunity and took the initiative to start his business and offer a product that he felt there was a need for. 

Stone Scasso, the son of entrepreneurs, founded Stonefield Products in the midst of Covid and has been growing steadily since. We were able to catch up with him to discuss his business, everything from his business’ conception to what he’s got planned on the horizon.

Who is Stone Scasso, and what is your background?

I was born and raised in Millerton, NY, where both of my parents have established businesses. My mom is Joanne Scasso and owns Country Gardeners Florist, while my dad Jay owns Seagull Roofing. Being raised by parents who are local business owners instilled in me the interest of business and being self-employed. I also quickly learned while working for- and alongside my parents the work and dedication required to run your own business. My parents also instilled in me the interest to foster our community and bringing business to my hometown.

I have always had an interest in building, going so far as having two years of architecture under my belt. But even before that, I suppose the idea for my business now started with my first tree house at a young age.

Where did the idea of Stonefield Products come from, how did it all begin?

I officially started my company, Stonefield Products, in the fall of 2020 – right at the start of Covid. And Covid actually really helped my business’ start and to then grow, because we had so many people that had not only moved up here, but everyone was home… stuck at home… really living in their homes and staring at their back yards. I found that there was a great and growing need for storage sheds for wood, equipment, and tools; she-sheds; buildings for home offices; tiny houses; to name a few. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have had the level of success that I’ve had if it hadn’t been for Covid.

As for the structures themselves, I had a relationship with an Amish builder and we grew our relationship where he builds these sheds and buildings specifically for my market and customers. My next step was to find a visible location to showcase the sheds, and Rob Cooper of Associated Lightning Rod owns the property across from CVS and Elizabeth’s Jewelry on Rt. 44 in Millerton and I thought it was the perfect display area for my buildings. I approached Rob and asked if he’d let me use the property for my buildings, in return I’d clean the lot, remove trees, and whatever else was needed to make the area look presentable for my purposes. And from there I hit the ground running.

What kind of buildings and sheds do you have and what are some of your best selling structures?

It’s really become endless what kinds of buildings and sheds that my customers want and need. I’ve sold everything from art sheds to she-sheds, barns to tiny houses, garage overflow and run-in sheds to chicken coops, home offices to Airbnb structures – you name it.

My best-selling building has been a 10×16 garage overflow structure. But we can customize any structure – 8×8 and up from there – and all of our buildings use wood that we harvest and mill – we even offer post and beam structures. The wood that we use is what’s really important and also sets us apart from a lot of other shed companies, because it is actually real wood and is locally-sourced. Beyond just the structure, I also prepare the ground that the structures will sit on: I land-sculpt, re-negotiate the land, and build the pad that the structure will then sit on and create the appropriate base needed.

My buildings can be super simple to really fancy – the fancier ones can include electric and insulation. But it all depends on the customer and their needs for their structure.

Do you deliver them as well?

Yes, we truck them and deliver them within about a 40-mile radius of Millerton. Like I mentioned, I prepare the grounds before the arrival of the shed, and then we deliver it and make sure it’s to my customers’ expectations and liking.

How do people learn about your structures, do you advertise?

No, I haven’t advertised up until this point. My first ad is actually in this issue. [Editor’s note: there was no pay-for-play with the ad and this article]. Up until now, people have seen the structures on Rt. 44; they stop, look at them, pick up business cards that I have inside the buildings and then they call me. Or if I’m there, people will stop by and talk to me.

Word-of-mouth has been great and really worked in my favor in the growth of my business. I’ve also had a number of repeat customers who keep adding structures, so that’s been amazing. I even feel like a few of my customers are in a competition for who can have the most sheds, one customer is up to five now!

Do you have a favorite structure that you’ve created and sold?

My favorite thus far was a 10×16 with a 12×12 pitch roof that’s 17 or 18 foot tall that has a collapsible roof for travel.

I want to build cool structures and I’m excited about some A-frame buildings that I’ve been developing.

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own business?

Really work hard and you’ll make it. If you’re just interested in a 9-5 type of job and not working hard then running your own business isn’t for you. It’s as simple as that.

People often think that owning your business is easy and that you’re just making money – it’s not that simple.

When you own your own business, you’re having to deal with the work of running your business and then doing the actual work, the paperwork (which can be overwhelming), the customers, the problems – you’re fielding phone calls and emails on Sundays and at night. I grew up in not one but two successful businesses, and even I was surprised to find how much work having my own business was.

But it all boils down to just doing the work. And if you’re ready to commit and put the hours in, you’ll make it.

To reach Stone Scasso of Stonefield Products, you can call (845)392-0404 or email His structures are located at 107 Rt. 44, Millerton, NY.