For two years she has toiled as a small business owner, and for two years Charlotte Sheridan, owner of Merwin Farm and Home in Millerton, NY, has come to define her own style within the small village. “I grew up here,” she says. “To not only run my own business in Millerton, but to be doing it in a field that I am so passionate about, it has really been a dream come true despite the challenges.” Undoubtedly, the key to her success in Millerton can be found in her shop’s personal touches that are infused with a local feel and a connection to the community that surrounds her agrestically charming storefront. Despite spending her first few years building a farmhouse style shop that offers a variety of handmade and locally crafted home and garden decor that are plucked from her own influences growing up, Charlotte’s defining motif is grounded in her ability to fuse the efforts of different local artisans in the surrounding area. Now, the young entrepreneur seeks to welcome crafters and creative locals and encourage the discovery of personal style through her DIY workshops.

“When people think of creativity or of their own artistic abilities, it can be hard not to separate skill from what may seem elaborate,” she says. “The truth is, artistic creativity can be found in the most simple forms, and that is where most people discover their own unique style.” As part of her crusade to help folks find their inner artist, Charlotte offers creative, DIY workshops in her shop once a month. Each workshop is centered around a seasonal or holiday theme and includes crocheting, felting, painting and even wreath making for those looking to give their home a personal flair. “In many ways, my workshops can tap into a creative side many don’t think they possess and that can be extremely rewarding for them,” Charlotte says. “For many though, it’s just a great opportunity to get together in a cozy setting with some friends and enjoy a different way of connecting.”

On Friday, February 12, Charlotte will be putting together a workshop revolving around, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. This year, she will be teaching and assisting folks in making their own yarn hearts complete with a rustic wall-hanging adornment. “This year, I have made health and safety my highest priority. I have paid special attention to taking every single precaution before each workshop,” she says. “The shop allows for more than enough adequate spacing and I have taken every measure to ensure spacing between guests is not only comfortable, but as safe as possible. Hand sanitizer is available not only at the entrance, but on each table where guests will be working and I always request attendees arrive in the shop one at a time in order to seat everyone in the safest manner possible.”

Though the stage may be a bit different this year, Charlotte’s ambitious efforts to unite locals around discovering their own creativity continues to bring a bit of much needed positivity for crafting hopefuls each month. “Whether you’re looking to discover or rediscover your inner style as we head into a new year, or simply to reassure yourself that a fun evening with friends is still possible, the goal for my workshops will always be to have folks leave with something new to believe within themselves.”

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