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A Doggie Bag

By Published On: February 8th, 2023

Wouldn’t you agree it’s nice to be fresh water-bowled and dined? This seldomly happens to me; purrobably once evfurry two years. That is until last week; I got treated twice.

Seldomly Mom evfurr treats herself to anything, but last week while delivfurring the February issue of Main Street Magazine, which also happens to be the animal theme issue, (still wondering why I nevfurr made the cover, Aunt Thorunn!), she decided to stop and get a Subway sandwich fur herself. By the time she got home it was way past lunchtime and Mom couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy her sammie. I know fur a fact she was expecting to eat in peace, but I didn’t want Mom to be alone (at least that’s what I wanted her to think); I could smell the turkey furrom a mile away! “It’s a good thing you’re such a handsome man, Otis Joe!” Mom commented as she opened her doggie bag and disassembled her lunch to share with me. Needless to say, I ate more than my fair share of Mom’s sandwich. Thanks Ma!

Mom is a busy beavfurr – always on the move. So when she came home a couple days later with a doggie bag specifically fur me I could hardly contain my excitement! I assumed because we had such a good lunch together a couple days prior she had gotten me my own turkey sammie. Quickly realizing what assume means, my cattitude went furrom excitement to dread in the blink of an eye. The doggie bag labeled in bright red letters with my name on it was actually my medication refill furrom the vet’s office. What the actual fluff, Mom? This is NOT a cool doggie bag.