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A New Chapter

By Published On: September 6th, 2022

Life is like a book full of chapters. Some good, some bad, and some that will leave you wanting more; which is what chapter thirteen left off. Not wanting summer of 2022 to come to an end.

Grab a blanket and a box of issues because chapter fourteen started off with Mom crying like baby, which she had warned us would happen the furrst day of school. Howevfurr she furgot to let us know the water works would start the night before school started. I can tell this is going to be a bittersweet chapter in life fur Mom, but one I know will be full of adventure fur Ellie.

Speaking of new chapters. I nevfurr thought I’d see the day Big Kitty and I would be home alone all day together. Big Kitty goes purractically evfurrywhere with Ellie! I know Ellie was sad she couldn’t bring him to school with her, but Mom explained it purffectly to Ellie.

“Ellie girl, you know Otis is my favorite kitty, just like Big Kitty is your favorite kitty.”

Ellie with a serious look on her face nodded her head.

Mom continued, “I can’t bring Otis to work with me, which made me sad too. But to help me feel better Nana made me a bag with Otis’ face on it to bring to work with me, which makes me happy! So to help make you feel better, I made you a keychain fur your backpack with Big Kitty’s pictures on it.”

Ellie smiled and hugged Mom as she thought that was the purrfect solution.

As fur Big Kitty and I – well, he doesn’t talk much…Ellie wore the mouth right off of him. But the sad look in his eyes tells me he misses Ellie as much as I know she misses him during the day…or maybe that’s furrom all those times Mom threw him in the wash, then tumbled dried him? One thing I know we have in common is our love fur our humans.

On a pawsitive note, I’m happy to inform you Ellie had a great furrst day of purr-k! I can’t wait to see how this chapter continues to unfold!