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A New Selfie Technique

By Published On: May 5th, 2021

Evfurry one takes selfies these days. Until now —due to my status as a cat sans thumbs— I’ve struggled in this department. That is, until I asked fur a sponge bath recently, which then led to an impromptu photo shoot. While Mom was trying to get the purrfect set up, she left her camera on and, boom! I took my furrst selfie, and a new selfie technique was born.

I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but let’s be honest, how many selfies have you seen featuring double chins and ceiling lights?

Normally the cat’s got my tongue and I don’t share my secrets, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag this time since we’re furriends.

Step 1:

With the help of a human, turn on camera in the selfie position.

Step 2:

Place the phone on the counter and admire yourself while simultaneously tapping the “clicker” button with your paw.

Not to pet myself on the back, but really I think this technique is going to take off with all the cool cats.

I wonder if I should patent it?

Show me your selfies, evfurryone!