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A New Theme

By Published On: December 1st, 2021

I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day. I fur one felt like a turkey myself by the end of the day and am just now officially coming out of my turkey coma.

Any who, on a more exciting note, the tree is up, which means Santa Paws is comin’ to town! The Saturday after Thanksgiving Mom ALWAYS decorates for Christmas. The tree usually has a “theme” to it, which is actually more like color coordinating with the living room décor. In years past, when we lived in an apartment, Mom did this really purretty wine red/purrplely color. Mom’s inspurration came from the area rug under the coffee table. My favfurrite part, I must say, was always the tree skirt – which depicted furrosty the snowman. He and I would cuddle up and take the best catnaps together. Then we moved to the house we are in now. The last 4 years Mom went with a blue theme. Again, inspired by our area rug. It was absolutely beautiful! But the dark blue tree skirt clashed with the white fur I would leave behind. I’m thinking this is the mean reason fur the new color change this year.

Mom went with a silver and white scheme this year, with snowflakes. Can’t forget the snowflakes. Mom thinks this is going to be furrever a staple in our Christmas décor. Dad really loves the simplicity of this years look and of course Ellie was super eager to help decorate. Mom got us a new tree skirt and matching stockings. All of which are white with (say it with me now), snowflakes. If you want my honest opinion on this new theme; its purrfect! I blend in so much that I don’t think Santa Paws will even notice me when he comes on Decempurr 24th!

I call this theme, Christmas camo.