When we at Hudson-Chatham are asked what our most popular wines are, we want to boast about the dry reds, especially those made from the grapes we grow in Ghent.

Those are quite popular, thank goodness.

If we’re going to be completely honest, though, one of THE most popular wines we have is what we call Lindenwald White. It’s a blend of Diamond and Niagara grapes, and the taste is a big mouthful of fresh-picked wild grape. Without our prompting, we hear over and over again from customers that the flavor reminds them of “grapes we picked at our grandparents’ house.”

There’s something satisfying simple and delicious about it. Niagara, it turns out, is the leading grape grown in the United States. It’s in jam, juice, and wine. It’s fun and refreshing. I like to freeze watermelon pieces the size of ice cubes in the summer and serve the wine over those.

The Lindenwald White has made so many people smile that we nicknamed it “Party In a Bottle.”

Now’s as good a time as any for that!