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A Scaredy-Cat about the Coronavirus

By Published On: March 18th, 2020

Through the ambient evening sounds of my sister running around and pots and pans clanging while dinner is being prepared, my ears are angled toward the television. I hear the news about COVID-19 or the coronavirus as it’s refurred to by you humans. 

Just because I’m an indoor kitty, doesn’t mean the outside world doesn’t affect me. 

Truth be told, I don’t know where my purrents and kid sister have been all day, if they sang the birthday song while they washed their paws, or if my catnip was manufactured in China. Regardless, I am taking every purrcaution. Fortunately for yours truly, I have become a master in the art of ‘social distancing’. There’s nothing I love more than quarantining myself under a mountain of blankets or in a neatly tucked corner of my favorite spot on the couch. The baby purrroofing my parents decided to implement around the house has added an extra layer of unintentional purrivacy, allowing me to lock myself away- you know, for health reasons. 

Kitty-puns aside, I do hope each of you are as safe and healthy as possible during these strange times. Whether you’re purrfecting your catnapping skills like me, working furrom home on your compurrter, or braving the great outdoors in your own way- stay hopeful. Though this corona business seems to be avoiding my furry friends, we all have come to appreciate those humans who get up early, sacrifice for all of us, bring us our delicious turkey slices and keep us safe. All of those aspects aside I think there is one thing myself and my furry brethren have come to appreciate most-

being home alone during the work week!

Just kidding (sort of), I love all my furrnatics.

Until next time