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An Amazon Order Fur Me?

By Published On: June 3rd, 2021

Sorry fur the delay in weekly blog post folks. With evfurry one being home on meow Monday, my week is all jumbled.

So without any further ah-do, fur the furrst time evfurr, a Furrsday post.

Like we do evfurry night, Mom and I snuggled up on the couch while catching up on our favfurrite shows. Especially since I learned about my upcoming appointment with the vet, I’ve needed the extra snuggles to calm my nerves. Last night I couldn’t help but notice Mom “Amazoning” on her phone. Because of mother’s shopping habits, the mailman and I know each other quite well—but what in the world could she be ordering now?

I did a little side-eye action hoping to see some new toys or something in the cart fur me, but much to my surprise, I caught glimpses of a portable DVD player, a few movies, and some sort of “mess free” coloring books in there. What would I need any of these things for? I’m just going to the vets and right back home after my appointment next week, right?!

After the panic wore off, and more acne showed up on my chin, I realized my purrents are hoping to go away at some point this summer. Clearly these items are fur me to be entertained while they go away…right? Although the Mini-Mouse movie Mom had her in Amazon cart isn’t really my taste. I would much purrfurr The Aristocats. Not to mention I have no idea how to color. So what’s the deal with the coloring books?

After 11 years of being her fur baby, shouldn’t she know me better by now? Who are these items actually for?  I’m not impurressed.

Any thoughts furriends?