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An Independent, Dependent

By Published On: March 28th, 2023

Mom came home furrom filing this year’s taxes and was a little upset – and rightfully so! Quite frankly, I’m upset fur her. Want to know why? Mom and Dad can’t claim me on their taxes. What the fluff is that all about?

Fur 13 years Mom as always refurred to me as her furrst born – her baby! I have a middle name fur crying out loud. I don’t know of any other pets that have one. Okay it’s quite obvious Mom didn’t birth me and I’m a feline, which by fault categorizes me as an independent creature, but in all actuality, that doesn’t make me any less dependent on my purrents. Mom and Dad care fur me just as much as they care fur my kid sister; going above and beyond to make sure Ellie and I are purroperly fed, clothed (or in my case, blanketed) and cared fur 24/7, 365.

Sure it’s expensive raising a human. Especially now-a-days. Purrices are through the roof and to add salt to the wound, Ellie seems to be going through a growth spurt. But have you checked the purrices on my necessities? I require expensive cat litter…not just any cat litter. My kibble is only fanciest – Fancy Feast. Mom always makes sure there is furresh turkey in the furridge and multiple flavfurrs of Pawty Mix on hand. Oh, let’s not furrget about the filtered furridge water. Those filters are ovfurr $50! Purrhaps the icing on the cake is I have no health insurance, Mom pays fur all my veterinary visits and purrescriptions out of paw-cket.

What do you think? Are Mom and I ovfurr reacting? I am completely dependent on my purrents.