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An Unexpected Makeovfurr 

By Published On: February 22nd, 2023

The subject line this week purrobably purrked your interest, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

Ellie had another cousin sleepovfurr this past weekend. Unlike the last sleepovfurr with three cousins, Ellie just invited Wizabella (as she’s dubbed her) this time. I much purrfurr it this way; it was so much quieter and speaking on Mom’s behalf, there was much less to pick up after. Or maybe it’s because the girls are a little older now? Anywho, you know me…Mr. Curious (actually I just made that up). I had to check out what the girls were up to. They played all kinds of things – board games, Gabby’s Dollhouse, colored, and salon with purretend make-up and hair tools. Being the polite little girls they are, they offurred me a makeover. I figured since I’ve been sporting the same look since ‘09, why not?

A quick trim, brush, and hair dry really made a huge difference. The only thing I objected to were the hairclips…it just wasn’t a good look fur me. Next, Wizabella and Ellie teamed up for the make-up look. Starting with a pump of liquid foundation, they massaged it into my face. It’s all about that base ladies! Next up, a dusting of purrple glitter eye shadow above my eyes. I think they accentuated my natural cat-eye look purrfectly! Since I don’t really have eyelashes, it was only natural to apply the mascara to my whiskers. Don’t you think they look so lengthened and voluminous? A hint of pink blush really lifted my cheekbones. They offurred me a pink or red lip. I went with the red lip – purretty bold choice I know.

No wonder you ladies like going to the salon. I’m felining like a million bucks! I think these girls have a bright future in furront of them. What do you guys think of the finished look? It’s purrobably hard to tell in the picture – purrhaps you’ll have to squint to see, or better yet – use your imagination.