Founded in 1871, Dutchess County SPCA is one of the oldest SPCAs in the country.  It is a no-kill shelter, and the only animal welfare organization in Dutchess County chartered to enforce humane law.  Dutchess County SPCA is not a governmental agency, nor is it affiliated with the ASPCA.  It is an independent charity, funded almost entirely by private donations.

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Annie, an adorable 8-year-old feline, brings joy and playfulness into the lives of her loving humans. This spirited cat is known for her endless enthusiasm for playtime, with her favorite activity being the exhilarating pursuit of cat wands.

But Annie isn’t all about constant movement and excitement. She also has a softer side. During quieter moments, she enjoys curling up and loafing next to her beloved humans, relishing the warmth and comfort they provide. Annie particularly adores chin scratches, and her contented purrs fill the room as her humans shower her with affection.

However, Annie’s life hasn’t been without challenges. She battles a condition called Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS), a neurological disorder that causes small focal seizures. Despite these occasional disruptions, Annie remains a resilient and determined cat. With the support of her caring humans, she has been placed on an anti-seizure medication regimen, taking the medication twice a day.

With commitment and love, Annie is able to navigate the challenges of her condition with courage and grace.

Annie’s playful spirit, affectionate nature, and resilience will make her a cherished member of her human family.

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