A recommendation for a wine for this week and weekend? ANYTHING!!

Yes, for this week it’s anything goes.

Best is to go to your local wine store and ask the owner or staff for a recommendation. If you don’t know the fine folks who operate your local store already, get to know them a little better.

What’s their relationship with wine?

What are their favorites, and why?

What do they think about the effect of the fires on California wines?

Do they know about local wineries?

Enjoyment and pleasure start with our personal associations with our purchases, and wine is no different. Feel good about supporting your local business. Feel happy that someone is there to give you advice and chat with you about a shared favorite subject. Go home reminding yourself how lucky you are to live in a place where you have such choices and such community. Raise a toast to something you’re grateful for when you open the bottle.

And, of course, get outside while the nice weather lasts.