About Our Articles & Columns…

We have a wide array of articles and columns that are featured in the magazine every month. That being said, throughout the year we have a number of themed issues that allow us to focus on a particular topic.


January is our “new year / new beginnings” themed issue. We often view January is a fresh start, whether it be in our personal lives, business lives or otherwise – so in this issue we’ll be talking about “new” things.

February is our “making a difference” issue where we’ll focus on the people, organizations, businesses and more who are making a difference within our communities.

March is our “Animal” themed issue where we’ll focus on our furry friends!

April will be our first “environmental issue” where we’ll talk about the issues, the work being put in, the changes and much more – and all in time for Earth Day!

May is our “Transportation” issue where we focus on anything and everything as it pertains to transportation, whether it be planes, trains, automobiles, or foot-powered modes of transportation and everything in-between.

June will have no particular theme.

July is our “Food & Drink issue, which comes out at the height of growing season. The Food and Drink issue highlights local businesses, people, products, and more, that are all food and drink related.

August will have no particular theme.

September has for the past three years been our “Learning issue” where we’ve dedicated an entire issue to the life-long learning processes that we all go through at varying levels and times in our lives.

October will be our first “History” issue where we’ll highlight historic topics of interest to our region – but don’t worry, this won’t be a flashback to high school history class!

November is our “Art & Design” issue where it’s all about, you guessed it, all things related to art and design!

December will have no particular theme, except of course a tie-in to the holiday season.


Artist profile

This region is home to many an artist, some more famous than others. We feature both the traditional fine artist, as well as the non-traditional artist. We explore and visit a new artist every month and feature them on a two page spread, showcasing their work and telling their unique story – a story just as unique and different as their art is.

Friendly Faces

On our travels, we encounter numerous people from all walks of life. On our Friendly Faces page we feature half a dozen of these people with a photo and a short write-up about them – to help us all get to know our neighbors.

Real estate

Every month we have a real estate article that highlights a different town or sector within the real estate world.

Let’s talk business

Every month a different (local) business and entrepreneur is featured in our two page business section. The business’ story is told, in an effort to get to know the people behind the business, the history, in addition to the services that that business provides.


Each month we highlight a different performance venue, giving you full backstage access through this article, examining the story, the history, and people involved.

Healthy living

A column about health related issues, whether it be what’s involved in seeing a nutritionist, what foods we should eat (and not eat), or what type of exercises we should be doing – we will examine it.

Business Snapshot

Every month we feature four different businesses, giving a quick glimpse of that particular business. What are they about? What product or service do they provide, to whom and in what area? There are probably a ton of local businesses that we don’t even know about and it is our mission to bring them to your attention.

Advice columns

Every month we feature four advice columns from various experts within their specified field. This includes, but is not limited to, insurance, animal care, health and beauty, marketing, and much more.

Historical feature

It all began somewhere, but where? The history of a place is integral to where that place is today. Numerous times throughout the year we examine and feature a different part of the curious history of this area.