If your Valentine’s celebration left you feeling like any day could be that special, congratulations. It can be, and it should be. Really, all you need is love. But a good bottle of wine doesn’t hurt, either. With the temps dropping and a fireplace roaring, you’ll want to cozy up to an Australian Shiraz. Australia is home to the world’s oldest Shiraz vineyards, and it’s become the country’s best-known varietal, as it grows well in varying environments. You’re probably familiar with┬áthe wines from one of Australia’s best-known producers, too: 19 Crimes. (Another one is Yellowtail.) Their Shiraz is everything you’d want in this wine – big red fruit notes with hints of tobacco and vanilla. Smooth and sumptuous with a lovely mouthfeel and lingering finish. It pairs well with charcuterie, lamb, beef, and a fun crime series. The stories behind the wines are fascinating, and you can scan the QR codes on the labels to get augmented reality videos of the criminals. Cool!