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Dominique DeVito is an owner of the Hudson-Chatham Winery in Ghent, NY. She was in magazine and book publishing in NYC, and has continued to write and edit. She had a regular column in the Register Star, and is delighted to be a regular contributor to Main Street Magazine. Dominique and her family are enchanted with Columbia County and all that the area has to offer, and her home and winery tasting room are full of books!

Roasting In Pine Plains

There’s something about watching someone do something they love with their hands that’s mesmerizing. It’s like watching ballet or like watching a child put a puzzle together. You become fully engaged yourself and can’t look away.

I didn’t know roasting coffee beans was as hands-on an experience as […]

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Wine Sharing

Wines are interesting in so many ways.

One of them is in being shared. One of the nicest ways to share wine is to go to a local winery with friends.

That’s exactly what we did last weekend, and I highly recommend it for any weekend.

We went to Sabba […]

By |2021-06-18T09:31:54-04:00June 18th, 2021|Wine of the Week|

It’s Pinot Again!

When the temps go up and down and your plans get turned around, there’s one thing you can count on for this time of year – a light-bodied, just fruity enough dry red that can be served at room temp or chilled.
That’s a Pinot Noir.
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Hot and Sticky

It’s officially summer – hooray!

Sunshine and heat are returning to the area, the days are long, it’s a great time of year.

This week’s wine selection pairs perfectly with late nights on the patio or by the campfire looking up at the stars. It’s a locally made dessert wine that is pure pleasure.[…]

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Blissed in the Berkshires

I recently read a book called The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream, by Heather Cabot. Essentially, the book challenges the conception by people of my age and generation, who may have experimented with marijuana and other drugs in their 20s but have […]

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Wine for a Balmy May

For this lovely stretch of August in May that we’re having, nothing hits the spot like a bright, lively, and very cold white wine.
If you’re having barbeque – and I hope you are! – have some fun with a fruity and light moscato.
The sweetness […]
By |2021-05-21T10:53:38-04:00May 21st, 2021|Wine of the Week|

Wine for the In-Between

We’re in that delicious in-between period, where it can feel like summer one minute and early spring the next.

It’s the perfect time for a wine that’s not too light and not too heavy.

In other words, a Pinot Noir. And not just any Pinot Noir. A Hudson Valley Pinot Noir, because the climate here yields a […]

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Pink Moon Wine of the Week

Was that a gorgeous moon on Monday night or what?

In fact, it was a Super Pink Moon (super moons appear larger in the sky than normal, and this one did not disappoint). It’s called a pink moon after the moss pink wildflower that blooms this time of year in the Northeast.

What better to celebrate a […]

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Let’s Take a Trip

Wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere else?

Somewhere on the other side of the world, perhaps, where it’s summer turning into fall instead of spring turning into summer.

How about Argentina?

What a beautiful country, bookmarked by the Andes and the Atlantic. If we can’t be there in body, […]

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