Was it just a week ago we were gathering for Thanksgiving? I hope it was a blessed and happy day for all. If you’re feeling “spent” from the holiday, then Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and – yes – the reality of just over three weeks til Christmas, you need this wine for this weekend. It’s Barefoot Pinot Noir. And here’s why: it’s easy, versatile, affordable, and definitely drinkable. It’s a wine with no worries. Perfect for leftover anything, and a great wine to use to make your own mulled wine, a hit-the-spot treat at this time of year. And so easy! Just heat a few cups of apple cider, add a dash of cinnamon (or stir with a cinnamon stick), a splash of triple sec, and about 2 cups of the Barefoot Pinot Noir until it’s hot but not boiling, and pour into a mug. Garnish with a fresh orange slice if desired, and you’re ready for whatever direction the holiday rush takes you. Cheers!