Any of you who are football fans know that Barefoot is the official wine of the NFL. With just 3 games left in the season – two championship games this weekend and the Super Bowl on February 11 – it seems only fitting to bring Barefoot wine to the parties. Turns out that Barefoot wines have won over 10,000 awards. Winemaker Jen Wall, who joined the company in 1985 and is largely responsible for its growth, says the wines are meant to be, “varietally correct, fruit-forward, food-friendly” wines. Barefoot teamed up with the NFL because, as is stated on Barefoot’s website, “Both are fun and easy to enjoy, so enjoy them together! There’s a whole lineup of wines to go with every type of food and every type of fan. There are no rules in this game with Barefoot, so have fun with it!” In my glass? I’ll pour the Sauvignon Blanc (green label) and pair it with a spinach dip (green again) to soften the blow of the Philadelphia Eagles unravelling in the final weeks. The playoffs have been great so far. Cheers to some more good football. (Learn lots more and find fun cocktail and pairing ideas at