I was in the mood for a succulent red the other day, and I found myself in East Chatham Wine & Spirits. I love this store. It’s cozy and cute and stocked with great wine. The owner, Mary, is super-nice and happy to make recommendations. When I described what I was in the mood for, she immediately directed me to the French wine, Bastide Miraflors. It’s a 2016 Syrah with Old Vines Grenache. Just the ticket for my craving. I was delighted by the deep color of the wine in the glass and the nose full of dark cherry, but in a French way, not a California way. Subtle, nuanced. The first sip was almost pungent. Moss and stone underneath the fruit. But it opened up quickly, and succulent is soon what I was savoring. Glass after glass. A winner! And under $20. Tres Bon. Merci, Mary!