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Berkshire Food Co-Op Holiday Prep Tips

By Published On: December 2nd, 2023
With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we’ve reached out to some of our local markets and restaurants to give us their favorite holiday food preparation tips and recommendations. The Berkshire Food Co-Op has given us their favorite holiday prep tips below!
Turkey Tips:
  • Choose a turkey that’s about 1lb for each guest when weighed raw
  • If frozen, defrost by allowing 1 day in the fridge for each 4lbs of weight
  • Stuff the turkey! Add aromatics like onions, leeks, shallots. Even try stuffing it with apples or citrus to add moisture and a fruity brightness
  • Put the thermometer where Rick Rodgers (“Thanksgiving 101” author) called the “pantyline of the turkey” – where the hip meets its little butt
  • If you want crispy skin, pat the turkey dry with paper towels before seasoning and roasting
Not-so-traditional Side Dish Ideas:
  • This one’s like eating your yams with your cranberry sauce- bake the par-cooked, sliced yams with whole cranberries, maple syrup, spices and orange zest
  • Grab a few sweet toppings and create a loaded sweet potato experience for your guests! Caramel, greek yogurt, maple syrup, butter, cinnamon, marshmallows, etc.
  • Try a cornbread stuffing with an herbiness that will perfectly segue from dinner to dessert.
  • An easy addition to take your mashed potatoes to the next level- add pumpkin puree!

Also, do as much prep ahead of time as possible! Prep your stuffing, peel/chop your veggies, make your gravies or other sauces, marinate your meats, braise your cabbage, etc! Getting ahead of the workload by prepping beforehand allows you to enjoy the holiday and the company on the day of!

Visit the Berkshire Food Co-Op online at or in person at 34 Bridge St, Great Barrington, MA to stock up on all of your holiday kitchen essentials!