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Birthday week

By Published On: August 14th, 2019

Welcome back my feline followers –

I hope you all had a great week! On Saturday, I officially made it through my furrst year as being a big brother. Ellie, aka, my little human sister, turned one. And later this week (tomorrow in fact) I’m turning double digits –the Big 1-0! In human years, I believe that is 50. As I reflect on my life, I have a few regrets; not drinking more milk in my youth, meowing for more deli turkey and Friskey’s Party Mix treats, finding my own place (I still live with my parents), and not having my own kittens… does this mean I’m having a mid-life crisis? Sometimes I think about hitting the road, and living the life of an alley cat. But who am I kitten? This life that I have is too comfortable, and besides – I am the definition of a scaredy-cat. To celebrate my purrrrthday, I have BIG plans… mostly involving catnapping the day away. But, then again, that’s no different than any other day. I’m sure my mom will post something mooshy on my Instagram feed for you all to enjoy. Happy purrthday to all my fellow Leo’s out there!