Founded in 1871, Dutchess County SPCA is one of the oldest SPCAs in the country.  It is a no-kill shelter, and the only animal welfare organization in Dutchess County chartered to enforce humane law.  Dutchess County SPCA is not a governmental agency, nor is it affiliated with the ASPCA.  It is an independent charity, funded almost entirely by private donations.

636 Violet Avenue
Hyde Park, NY 12538
845-452-7722, x420
Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
Monday: Closed


Meet Bowie, a charming 16-year-old black cat! He’s a low-maintenance, quiet, and relaxed feline looking for his dream home. Bowie loves treats, gentle pets, and once he feels at ease, he’ll be your loving and loyal companion. Bowie has early stage chronic kidney disease, but it’s easily managed with a special diet. He just needs a cozy spot to call his own and some pampering when he wants it. If you’re seeking a calm and easy-going feline companion, Bowie might be the perfect cat for you.

Help Bowie’s dreams come true by giving him the loving home he deserves in his golden years. Bowie will be your little starman, and you’ll be his hero.

Apply to adopt BOWIE: apply here
Then, come meet him! DCSPCA is open Tuesday-Sunday 12pm – 5pm